Chanel Conquers Bombay!

The annual Chanel Metier D’Arts fashion show took place on December 6th, 2011 at the Grand Palais in Paris. I might be showing a bit of bias but it is one of my favourite shows from Chanel ever! It was heavily Indian inspired and I loved the extravagance of it all. It displayed beautiful beading, jewels, and textures. Absolutely beyond gorgeous. It was literally a feast for the eyes so it was only fitting that the stage was set to resemble a fancy dinner.

Some of the outfits may not exactly be mommy appropriate but we can all pull a little inspiration from the strikingly opulent pieces that were shown!

This runway look was one of the best to walk the stage! I love the beautifully tailored jacket with the beading and the heavy statement necklace is breathtaking. Try wearing a similarily elaborate necklace with a t-shirt and jeans to add a bit of luxury to your everyday look.

I love the easy glam of this outfit and obviously it showcases another stunning jacket.  The pants are perfect and I can imagine any mommy wearing these during the day. And of course, you can never go wrong with a black sweater! 

Here’s a beautiful and different take on the little black dress. The embroidery is dazzling and I love the loose cut which would be flattering on any figure.

Anyways, I thought everyone would enjoy the eye candy from this exquisite show! You can watch the show trailer at 



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