Monthly Archives: May 2012

Avery’s Bucket List!

Every parent needs to hear the story of Avery Lynn Canahuati. She was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at four months old and not expected to live past her second birthday. Avery only made it to five months and passed away yesterday.

Avery was just a baby but she has touched my spirit in a profound way. If you go to her blog at you will understand what I mean. No doubt you will fall in love with her as millions of others have around the world. Instead of letting the thought of death impair them, her parents made Avery a bucket list of all the things they hoped to have her experience in her lifetime – however long that may be. I cannot imagine the strength it takes to face despair so courageously.

Avery was a special baby born to incredible parents and without even knowing them, they have taught me to cherish each moment I have with my daughter. All too often there are times where I’d rather watch mindless fighting on reality t.v. than play dolls on the floor. I’m vowing to never let another television show keep me from spending quality time with my daughter. My friends will understand what a huge step this is for me. FYI, I’m trying to infuse some humour here because I don’t want to get preachy. It’s a heart wrenching topic but I think Avery’s parents want us to see the joy in life, not the sadness in death.

I hope everyone will donate what they can to I had never heard of SMA until I heard Avery’s story and it’s time to change that. I’m not usually so effusive but Avery’s story has really resonated with me. As a parent, I feel compelled to add my voice to the millions of others that this story has touched. As Avery says in her blog, “You can live life dying or you can die living life.”