Living out Childhood Dreams!

When I was growing up, we didn’t really have much money. My parents were working the jobs that everyone else was too good for – manual labour at minimum wage. So you can only imagine the many toys we didn’t have.

I used to go to my friends’ houses and try to get my toy fix but it was never quite the same thing. We never had the dollhouses, the barbie car and motorcycle, the magic bake, the latest boardgames – none of it. But out of all that we never had, there was one that I particularily felt a deep loss for. The play kitchen. I wanted one so bad and for so long. I think I may have still wanted one late into my tweens but that might be a whole other story.

Well, thank you baby Jesus, because guess what? I have a daughter now! And you know what that means? That means that I can by us – ermm, I mean her – a brand new, totally awesome play kitchen of her own! I’m beyond excited and have been impatiently waiting till she was old enough to get it!

So, I have a few options here. The kitchen I want the most is just a bit out of my price range. It’s actually a lot out of my price range. It’s triple zeros, fancy kind of stuff. Needless to say, that’s not one of the options. I need to look elsewhere.

I suppose one option is a kitchen set that is pretty much a knock-off of the aforementioned fancy kitchen. I’m just not sure how I feel about this though. It’s still a gorgeous kitchen but is this any better than having the fake Cabbage Patch Doll? It’s just not the same thing (I would know, I had one). For my friends who know me, you know my feelings in regards to fake replicas of anything. Why not just get an original? Instead of that fake Prada bag, go out and buy a nice original one. It will be much better constructed and at the end of the day, who cares about the logo on a bag when you know it’s really a Frauda? I love me some designer bags but not because of a logo, you know what I mean?

The second choice is an almost as pretty corner kitchen. This one doesn’t have the same retro look and is an attached set as opposed to two pieces. We all know that almost doesn’t quite cut it though. This kitchen does have more play options – it has the washing machine, telephone, and real cloth curtains. Not only that, it comes with some pots and pans. Can I get over the fact that its not as asthetically pleasing to me?

I know some of you mommies might think I’m being selfish here – it should be about my daughter and all that hooplah. Get real, for a minute. How often are any of our children’s toys (or clothes or accessories or anything) really for the children? Sometimes, it’s just as much for mommy as it is for baby!

I love both these kitchens. As a young girl, I might have appreciated the extra gadgets on the corner kitchen. As a mom, I definitely understand the need for extra counter space. The best part is that both these kitchens are on sale at Toys R’ Us for 20% off right now! Let me know which one you think I should get! I think practicality is winning out here and I’m leaning towards the corner set with extra counter space – who knows, the ample cooking space might just inspire my baby to become a chef one day!


Love, Love, Love!

You know that feeling when you suddenly and inexplicably fall in love? Well, it happens to me all the time and these are my current obsessions!

photo by Miles Aldridge

OpenSky! It’s no lie when they say this is like twitter with the added bonus of shopping. What’s not to love about that?! You can follow everyone from Padma Lakshmi to Preston Bailey and they basically act as your curators to hand pick products that you may like! It’s brilliant and so addictive!

Martyn Lawrence Bullard! I am obsessed. There is nothing not to love about this man.  In my opinion, he is the total breakout star of the show ‘Million Dollar Decorators’ – hands down.   I love his high glamour designs and his  clientele but most of all, I love his over-the-top persona. Now if only he would come out with a book! Until then, I’ll  just  have to make do by following him on Opensky.

Voluspa Candles! I’m an admitted candle junkie but these are my absolute favourite. There are so many reasons to love these candles including the fact that they are so beautifully fragrant – one candle will easily permeate throughout the entire floor of your home.  They also come in gorgeous and über glamorous packaging. There are a variety of distinct collections and each collection is better than the rest!  And best of all, they burn ultraclean thanks to the coconut wax blend – making them safe to enjoy even with tiny ones around. They are a must buy!

Red Velvet Cake! I’ve become a slave to this dessert.  I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember but recently,  I’ve been craving it almost daily! This is obviously quite disastrous for my workout regime but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  My love for Red Velvet Cake even inspired me to attempt to recreate this delicious dessert with some rather scary results. However, there’s now some light at the end of this tunnel! I’ve finally found a recipe that even a novice cook (such as myself) can make – thank you, Paula Dean! Try it out but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Sephora Philosophy Welcome Baby Set! This is the perfect gift for a new mother! As a mom, I can attest to the ravage that all those stressful and sleepless nights can do to your skin. A kit like this, that comes with all the products necessary to help a new mom regain her pregnancy glow, is magical. Trust me, if you add this set to all the cute stuff you buy for baby, you will be an absolute hit at the next baby shower!

There you have it, a list of things I’m currently craving! Thankfully, Christmas is right around the corner!